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Blockchain in Communications

Each facility will manage its own network and provide services to people who are on their premises. The facility will get a high speed link from an operator and have its own services to its users. The standard will set the rules for connecting these networks together and instilling demarcation points between the operators and these large users.

                             5G to provide speeds up to 3Gbps – worldwide implementation within 5 years.
                             Encrypting the WIFI unlicensed band – WIFI security, encryption techniques, duplicate encryption of SIM cards.
                             Cross billing between operators either GSM, WIFI,…etc.
                            Each server joining the 6G network will grant some disk space and processing power to the network. This processing power will be used for authentication and authorization of users as well as for performing the machine learning. It is easy to envision that within a short time frame, this would be the largest processing machine on the planet.